Never hide moneys on these spots

Many people prefer to hide their money in places such as home, not preferring to send it to the relevant institutions for this work.

For many people the bank is not the safest place to hide money, so people choose the mattress, various shelves or personal safes. But we show you 8 places that if you have chosen them for your money, then consider them lost.

1-The mattress is the best place to sleep, but not to hide money, because it is the most traditional place where people in different eras have hidden money, so the first place to be checked.

2-Do not bury the money in your garden, because the chances that the neighbor will look at you at any hour of the day are high.

3-Even bags of clothes or food are not a safe place, even here money can be taken by mistake.

4-Forget the old bags along with the old wallets, there they can be stolen and can be inadvertently thrown in the trash by your mom.

5-If you think that laundry baskets are the ideal place, then once you have failed with your imagination, that of the thief is in front of you in this case.

6-The back of a frame or a painting looks like a tempting place, but it is really more tempting for thieves or even just visitors, imagine a small swing and the money comes out on its own.

7-Also do not put money in cupboards or drawers, they are the favorite place that children love to dig and play.

8-Boxes and small safes are the object I happened to be most insecure. It is small and if one wants to steal it one gets it without thinking long about what is inside.