This week will not be good for those two zodiac signs

The following week does not bode well for the TWO signs below.


Haste and patience clash this week. You have recently experienced some good moments and want more. And not only that, but also make plans. What is happening, however, this week is a stalemate. Where change and good news follow one another, there is suddenly a stalemate. You will have a hard time because you just had everything in order and suddenly you have obstacles. You may accept this slow motion as a failure, but try to understand that it is a part of life.


You live in a situation similar to Crab. Expect great things from your partner, work, family and when they do not take them and explode in others because they did not meet your expectations. Think that everyone will tolerate you, but they are not obliged to do so. This week you will understand what it is like to be a snob and judge in every direction. Use the lessons you will receive to your advantage.