The life of immigrants seeking the “Promised Land”

Associated Press

Garbage, poverty and hope, this is the view of one of the immigrant camps created in recent days on the bridge that separates Mexico and Texas.

The media has managed to get in and fix the sad images of thousands of immigrants, most of them from Haiti, in one of the camps that now houses more than 8,000 people.

Hundreds of families, many of them with small children are forced to sleep on the ground, among the rubbish, with only a tent set up with used clothes.

The high temperatures of recent days are making it even more difficult for these people to live in this camp.

This is one of the new border crises and many NGOs and media accuse the US government of trying to hide it. A few days ago, the authorities issued an order banning all drones in the border area where the camp is located for security reasons.

Associated Press